Bacon wrapped Brats Recipe

Prepare time: 10 min
Cook: 45 min
Ready in: 55 min

Today we’re making bacon-wrapped bratwursts.


  • Sweet Bratwurst
  • Cuz Bratwurst
  • KC Masterpiece
  • Pepper
  • Barbecue Sauce
  • Grease
  • Heddar Cheese


1I’m using a sweet bratwurst gonna wrap them up and bacon put some toothpicks in there to hold that bacont we got them bacon our bacon wrapped around them bitches without our seasoning on we’re gonna go ahead and get them on the grill and get that sizzling up ok Juggalos got our grill going get these bad bitches on there cook it on up.

2Just so y’all know bacon grease is very flammable so it’s going to be flaring up like a pack of hemorrhoids just so you know got them bad boys on there let’s shut this on it let them cook a little okay now now that we got those they’re cooked on one side a little bit over okay okay guys so you want to try to cook them all evenly on all sides cuz bratwurst.

They’re not like hot dogs you know precooked you gotta cook them bitches a bratwurst isn’t for a lazy man then they’re pretty quick we’re gonna sauce
now I know I usually use KC masterpiece but pop a.m. check that out I found some new sauce ninjas and because I’m using sweet bratwurst I’m going to be using this sweet Island pepper arbecue sauce it says that it’s rub an sauce in one okay ninjas.

4Now that we got them bad boys cooked on up we’ve got our bacon crispy I know you guys are thinking what the is he doing sauce and a bratwurst you know I wanted to try this sauce private try to get I taste it a little bit and it’s kind of sweet and spicy all at once some saw something bad boys spread it around seems to be pretty thick so that’s cool flip them bad boys yeah kind of birth the bacon a little bit.

5Its because the damn grease is so flammable y’all sauce the other side of these bad bitches yeah this sauce is really thick y’all now the ends of the
toothpicks that I put in there burnt off so you’re gonna have to find them bitches and pull them out before you eat them of course wallah look at that look good don’t they okay now that we got them sauced up cooked up sauced up.