Bacon Deviled Eggs Recipe

Prepare time: 30 mins
Cook: 10 mins
Ready in: 40 mins

We gonna make bacon deviled eggs.


  • 15 Eggs
  • Water
  • 10 Strips Of Bacon
  • Grease
  • Bowl Of Egg Yolk
  • 3 Spoon Of Mayonnaise
  • Two Tablespoons Of Horseradish Mustard
  • Little Zing
  • Pepper


1You’re gonna need to do is get maybe like 15 eggs my friends they’re idiots beasts they’re gonna eat 30 eggs in like ten seconds so we’re gonna pot about an inch of water above them and then put them on the burner and put the burner on high after a while it just takes some time they’re gonna start to bubble it’s gonna start to boil you’re looking for a boiling all right it’s not quite there it’s just almost there as soon as you see it boiling you know but you know what boiling looks like yeah boiling there you go that’s pretty much boiling.

2What you need cover the pot let him sit the egg is gonna keep cooking in that water so just let them let them do what they’re doing all right next thing to do get four strips and bacon into a pan you can do more bacon if you want you do ten strips I don’t care just much bacon as you want really but just cook it until it’s crispy I’m about medium medium-high there you go nice and crispy put her on a paper towel.

3Let that soak up the grease and then once the grease is soaked up just take a knife or a can or your fist anything you want bash that bacon up what you want is some small bits some large bits alright so the eggs are done timer went off I’m gonna pour these three strainer get that hot water out of there I guess you don’t have performed through straining you could just dump them into the sink or whatever you got but point is is to get some cool water on them to stop them from cooking.

4Next thing I wanna do is crack them and get that that shell right off from the the holder the egg is the easier to will be to peel these were pretty new eggs so it was kind of hard to peel them but hey I had a friend and she was helping me peel these eggs so wasn’t so hard once you get all the eggs peeled you’re gonna need to cut them in half I’ve got this cheese slicer for Christmas.

5It’s amazing look at this thing it’s like from a space station but if you don’t have one of these I don’t think anyone has one of these but you could just use a knife but look look at how look at how beautiful it Singh is boom look at that perfect cheese slicer egg slicer amazing alright so yeah like I said if you don’t have a one of these things you could use a knife and thing is they’re wet so you could be careful but you know just couldn’t have the same thing looks the same all right, so you get all your eggs cut in half now take them.

6The oak so true be careful not to break the white the white is the conveyance it’s yo conveyance you need that to get the delicious yolk mixture into your mouth so get all the egg yolks into a bowl. you’re gonna add to that three tablespoons of mayonnaise yes everyone’s favorite mayonnaise you could use Miracle Whip if you want but that’s disgusting okay so the next thing you’re gonna add after that is you’re gonna add two tablespoons of horseradish mustard it’s gonna give you a little a little bite a little zing.

7I think it’s just I think it’s just delicious you could just use regular most if you want but I mean you know this is my recipe you’re following it’s a dude doing it all right so next thing is some salt some pepper look at this pepper grinder it’s like from this is also like from a space station you push your thumb down it just dumps pepper oh so that looks pretty good.

8I’m gonna take a whisk here and just bash these egg yolks egg yolks needs some popping you know you gotta like bash until they pop so just keep hitting them with the whisk until it kind of gets real smooth and some of them might not pop but that’s alright because after you’ve done whisking this you’re gonna come in it with a spatula very go sin-hye spatula you just want this to kind of you know get sort of smooth it doesn’t have a perfectly smooth no one’s even gonna look at they’re just gonna shove these things in their holes.

9The point is just a lot easier to pipe it than it is to spoon it so once you get this a mixture into all of your eggs here we go so just squeeze it see how easy that is sorry it’s not even hard you just squeeze the bag and it goes right into the corner there and you can try and be fancy obviously I’m going for that more rustic look do your eggs as you will see look delicious so now I’m going to say that reserved bacon those big pieces that you had leftover and you’re just gonna Jam a piece or two pieces into the top of the the eggs.