How to Make Carne Asada

Prepare time: 20 mins
Cook: 10 mins
Ready in: 1 hr 40 mins

I’m Here Today To Show You How To Make A Carne Asada For Tacos.


  • Top Sirloin
  • Onion
  • Cilantro
  • Beans



We’ll start with tops Marlin and show you how to prepare a carne asada using the top sirloin cut and that end result will be approximately a 4 ounce portion of carne asada to put in our tacos there’ll be two corn tortillas. Where we’ll place the steak directly on top and then garnish it with onions and cilantro and of course our beans. Which will be optional one of the goals and grilling good grilling is to sear the outside of the meat by doing’re able to keep the juices inside the meat and the ultimate result is a much juicier much juicier carne asada all right in that case. We’ll begin now reeling army what’s important to keep in mind is that there’s an inverse relationship current.


You’ll see them on the grill.they’ll be turning the meat over constantly and what that does often times is you lose some of that juice in the process and really if,you’re that nervous’re grilling you have to do that. I recommend that you just keep your hands in your pockets right there like this and find something else to play with.what you want to do is you want to have the char marks on one side and want to see the coloration change it’ll turn a nice brown color if it turns to brown and looks like the bottom of your shoes. you’ve gone too far so,we’re ready to turn this one over now we kept the juices inside. We’ve kept the marks lined up and the colorations coming along nicely and that one’s turned over and looking very very nice here we go this one is ready too here.


We are we got it keeping in mind the meat has a certain drainage to it and what you want to do when you cut the want to cut the meat in the cross fashion or frost against the grain by doing so,you’re able to get the cuts nicely so,when your people your friends family begin to chew our in this case masticate the meat.they’ll be able to masticate much easier this is how it should look pretty close.when you want to check when the meter ultimately arrived at where. You want to be and in this case we’re going for medium-rare so,what you’ll do is you’ll take a slice into the meat at the thickest part and if you see a really really pink band in the middle of me it’s not quite ready yet if, the pink is diminished and it’s just almost gone then.


Your meat is done if, it’s gone it’s same color throughout its well-done so, we’re looking for that medium-rare and we just happen to have a nice pink band or at least a nice coloration there so, it tells us it’s done so again that means. we can cut this meat up for our tacos so, we’ll do and we do that is again keeping in mind with the cross grain. we’re going to cut with the grain and then cut against the grain and that allow us to give about quarter inch squares we want little quarter inch bite-size squares of meat so that our guests will have a nice nice piece of meat to bite into on every bite so, we have this now ready for our two tacos otherwise. I’m and interplaying tongs here all day long okay now that.we’ve got the meat cut into our quartering squares that’s.


What we want we prepared our two tortillas they can be paired either through a steamer if, you have a steamer or you can put them on the oven on the pie tin if, you do that and in which case you put them in a pie tin on the oven and you warm up for a good two or three minutes on each side it should be okay once. You’ve done that you’ve taken our portion of meat and we put it inside our taco making sure that. we try and divvy up half the amounts and make it an equitable division. You don’t want your family members or your guests saying hey, I got shorted a piece of meat there you go but invariably that’s gonna happen.


You’ll hear about the Christmas party later on so if, you’ll allow me and come with me. We’ll use my esteemed assistant host Athena and surely putting ho beans and cilantro and onions on there and voila. we have two carne asada tacos prepared fresh off the grill just for you as you like them and we offer these from our hearts in our grill to you and yours there. We go and now our ultimate goal is to serve our guests now our guests can enjoy.