Apple Pie Bread Recipe

Cook: 30 mins
Ready in: 30 mins

I Want To Show You How To Make The Most Delicious Apple Pie Bread.


  • Some All-Purpose Flour
  • Baking Powder
  • Salt
  • Granulated Sugar
  • Eggs
  • Milk
  • Vanilla
  • Apples
  • Honey Crisp
  • Butter
  • Vanilla Beans
  • Strawberry



You’re gonna start off with some all-purpose flour baking powder and salt granulated sugar eggs milk vanilla then you need some diced apples I’m using Honey Crisp a little bit of apple can use homemade or store-bought.I have a killer good recipe for apple butter it’s our go-to so you can go ahead and make that recipe if,you want to make it homemade or you can you know use some store-bought and you need some unsalted butter that’s been softened at room temperature and you’re also gonna need a couple more ingredients for the topping all right so,I’ve got my 9 by 5 inch baking pan ready to go it’s greased in line with some parchment paper if, it would stay up they’ll be fantastic but it’s okay.


We’ll get to that and then I have my oven preheated to 350 so,we are ready to rock and roll in a large bowl with a I’m gonna use my handheld electric whisk.I’m gonna add my butter and sugar and I’m going to just take my time and make sure that everything is really well mixed let it go for a good minute or so I don’t want any lumps of butter I don’t want any big lumps of sugar I just wanted to be as as thoroughly mixed as.I can get it that is perfect.I’m just gonna take my spatula and you always just kind of want to pull it in from the side just to make sure everything is well incorporated and now you’re gonna add your eggs and a good splash of vanilla extract do you know this is my homemade so,it’s got a lot of vanilla beans they settle to the bottom so you always want to make sure you give it a good shake and there.


We go you can see all the vanilla beans if,you come close you can see all the vanilla beans in my vanilla extract.I do have a recipe on how to make homemade vanilla extract.we’ve got the base anyway apples and apple butter this is going to be your filling just a little bit at a time because.I feel butter is quite thick now apple butter he’s got a lot of great spices in it obviously it has Apple so,I don’t need to add any additional sugar here any additional like cinnamon or anything because it’s quite um it’s quite potent do you know what I mean I’m also gonna add cinnamon to the top of this so I don’t want to add too much and then you lose the apple flavor completely now apple butter a little goes a long long way so that is absolute perfection filling done now let’s move on to the topping cuz you know.


I need a crunchy like streusel topping for this it’s everything so what I have in here is soft brown sugar cinnamon flour and cold butter.I’m going to take my pastry cutter here and I’m going to just mix all of this together while kind of cutting in the butter cuz I want to butter to be in little teeny-tiny pieces so that it’s distributed throughout the sugar and flour so I’m just gonna take my time and just kind of work this all together and it smells so good and when you make this apple pie bread. I promise you it is going to be your go-to fall and winter apple dessert if you want something that you can make in advance you can bring it to someone’s house it’s just so showstopping it goes well with any cup of coffee tea whatever it’s literally the best coffee cake on the planet walk for fall in winter I do like my strawberry 1/4 for spring that’s like my new favorite one for spring and summer this actually looks really good.


I’m going to just start layering.I’m going to show you how I do it so we got the topping base filling topping take your base take half of it and you’re gonna pour half of it in your prepared pan and’re just going to smooth it out as best as you can with your spatula so just kind of work through the line like that okay now you take half of your apple filling right and you want to make sure that you scatter this really evenly and’ll want to just push the apples kind of into your batter a little bit more over here this is so good it just nobody smells so good and I haven’t even put it in the oven yet so you know it’s gonna be amazing that aroma is gonna be fantastic as this bakes and then you just take the remaining batter and you want to make sure the entire top is covered oh it’s gonna be so fantastic this is like the best this this is why I love falling fall and winter baking because it’s like using really warm spices it makes your house smell so good it’s like everything you could want for the fall season it’s really cozy it’s easy if.

Your house gets nice and warm it’s perfect all right Mike sound get it all off your spatula alright the remaining apples go right on top and like. I said you just want to make sure that you take your spatula or your spoon and you just kind of like sink them into the batter more easy really simple this is lovely that’s what I want and then you just cover the top literally with your topping and that’s all you do it’s easy and simple and it’s the best now this just needs about 15 minutes to an hour in a 350 degree oven let it come to room temperature and then we cut and serve.