How to Make Apple Crisp

Prepare time: 30 mins
Cook: 45 mins
Ready in: 1 hr 15 mins

I’m Going To Show You How To Make An All-Time American Classic Apple Crisp.


  • Chopped Apples
  • All -Purpose Flour
  • Some Oats
  • Unsalted Butter
  • Salt
  • Granulated Sugar
  • Groung Cinnamon
  • Bakaing Powder
  • Orange
  • Lemon



You’re going to need some McIntosh apples chopped, all-purpose flour, brown sugar, some oats, some unsalted butter,very very cold granulated sugar ground cinnamon, salt, baking powder and for the filling. you’re going to need a little bit more sugar all-purpose flour, ground cinnamon and orange and a lemon that’s it so to get started. you want to pre the oven to 375 get that ready for you now all. I’ve done is peeled my McIntosh apples and then quartered them and then cored those so,they’re nice big chunks so,they kind of keep their shape so. we’re going to work on the filling first what I’m going to do is just about half of this lemon. I don’t want the zest of the whole lemon because in an overpower but this is going to give it a nice amount of brightness to it.


I’m going to zest zest an entire small orange get that all out that’s all good stuff back there so,now what I’m going to do is I’m going to cut the lemon and orange and half.I want the juice of a half of a lemon this is a pretty juicy one and then.I want the juice of a whole small orange this is such a good good recipe oh!I tell you you definitely have to give this a try if,you love apples and you love that comforting like apple pie apple crisp all can’t go wrong.I’m so happy fall season has been honest with my favorite season believe it or not okay we have the juice in there and now.I’m going to add my sugar this is just regular granulated sugar and then.we’re going to add a little bit of flour and not much about a tablespoon and some ground cinnamon the reason.why I add the flour is because what happens is as the apples cook they give out a lot of liquid and I want that liquid to thicken up a little bit and that’s what the flour is going to do so now all.


I’m doing is mixing this together just to get like those the zest of the orange and the lemon and all this cinnamon and flour to coat the apples that looks perfect and now.I’m just going to put this into a deep dish pie plate like so or casserole dish go try to get them kind of even up now put this on a baking sheet and the reason why you want to do that is because if it so happens that the juices overflow it goes onto your baking sheet and not onto.your oven so in the same bowl because this doesn’t got a lot of flavor so, don’t worry about getting a clean bowl now that we are not that precise in the Batali household are you going to put in your flour,your brown sugar, your old-fashioned oats a little tiny bit of regular granulated sugar just a couple tablespoons.some cinnamon salt and baking powder and the baking powder kind of makes this topping lighter which makes it crispier so that’s why we that’s why we do that that’s why I add that so,I’m just mixing this with my hands to mix it together and now you’re going to take some butter that’s a butter butter half a cup of butter.


You’re going to cut this into cubes and you want to make sure the butter is cold because this is what’s going to give you that crisp topping and then just cut it in cubes like that and put this straight in here and the reason why I haven’t washed off my hands is because.I’m going right back in you can do this in a food processor or in a mixture but with my hands works just fine all.I’m doing is taking my thumb and index finger and I’m kind of just rubbing this together and all. I want is for the butter to be distributed pretty much throughout the entire crumble mixture until it’s about the size of small peas the crumble mixture looks perfect. I’m just going to evenly put this all over the top of my apples now.I’m going to do is put this bad boy into the oven and you want to let it cook for about 35 to 40 minutes maybe a little bit longer just until the top is nice and crispy golden brown and bubbly and then and only then we need to let it cool for a few minutes before we dig in.


I hope I could contain myself my apple crisp baked for about 40 minutes and it’s perfect it looks delicious and it smells ten times better now. I was good. I didn’t eat any of the apples. I did nibble at the crisp but. I didn’t eat the apples okay now we need to serve it’s at the perfect temperature it’s nice and warm. I’ve got it cool for about 35 minutes now if, I have been smart and thought ahead I would have some delicious vanilla ice cream to scoop over.