Antipasto Platter

Prepare time: 40 mins
Cook: 1 hr 15 mins
Ready in: 1 hr 55 mins

I am going to show you how to make an Antipasto Platter.


  • Deli Sliced
  • Meats
  • Saucy Soul
  • Little Pesto Oil
  • Olive Oil
  • Fresh Chopped Basil
  • Grilled Peppers
  • Tomatoes
  • Red Peppers
  • Roasted Garlic


1We had the deli sliced most of the meats for us except the saucy soul like all the meats it’s important that they are sliced very thin so make sure to emphasize that when you buy it next slice the ball cuchini I like to drizzle a little pesto oil over them in advance so they take on some additional flavor and color you could also use olive oil and some fresh chopped basil then cut up the marinated artichokes all we have to do here is quarter them next roughly chop up the grilled peppers don’t worry about making them perfect.

2If you’re short on time you can also buy these already grilled line up the asparagus and slice in half on a slight angle then set them aside making sure to keep them all together next slice up the tomatoes and set aside prosciutto-wrapped melon is so quick and easy first peel a nice ripe cantaloupe now cut it in half then remove the seeds and discard cut it in half and then into smaller pieces for the prosciutto.

3It’s important that it’s very thin have the deli slice the prosciutto for you and let them know you want it so thin you can almost see through it lastly wrap each piece of cantaloupe in a single strip of prosciutto the key to assembling a platter is to create a game plan you want to alternate colors and textures this is the first task to preparing an attractive platter start with the meats again separate in colors and textures.

4We have four meats for this platter the first one were lying down flat with a slight curve it’s our beginning presentation line now follow this line with the next meat but this time fold the salami in half to create some additional texture overlap this layer with the first layer to add height to the platter do the same with the next layer of meat again adding another color and texture layer note that we are still following our starting line next add the prosciutto-wrapped melon this layer won’t overlap nicely so just follow the same line and stack it up to add additional height to the platter.

5See how nice it looks already now let’s change it up a bit fan out the asparagus starting with the stem end and then placing the nicer end over top pile it up to the height of the previous layer then place a bowl with marinated olives in the center next let’s introduce a different color and texture the mozzarella fan it out like this because we kept it together when we cut it it’s quick to assemble drizzle the cheese with some of the pesto oil if you’re doing this ahead of time you can hold off in this until just before serving now take a look at what’s left to read ingredients.

6One that sort of off-white so we’ll need to break them up start with the tomatoes by overlapping the cheese in the asparagus see how we’re building everything up to the focal point which in this case is the bowl of Olives also notice that we’re maintaining the same curvature as the cheese in asparagus next is the red peppers we need to create a bit of room for these so don’t hesitate to adjust things as you go just try and maintain your lines roughly stack the peppers to gain a bit of height then separate the two red colors with the final ingredient the marinated artichokes point all the artichokes in the same direction.

7We had some roasted garlic so we added some to the olives as with all the ingredients on this platter you can substitute any of them for other ingredients you prefer just remember to vary the colors and textures throughout and don’t be afraid to play around when you’re making the platter the last thing we added is a final touch of color and texture with a bit of frisée lettuce just tuck it under the bowl to hide the stems and to add height by doing this you create almost a bouquet effect but this too is completely optional you could use fresh rosemary or thyme if you’d like instead really there are no rules be creative and enjoy the process as much as the food.